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Category: Diapers

Type: Tape-strap

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Key Features

Materials soft as a marshmallow keep your baby comfortable

  1. Extraordinarily soft materials swaddle your baby in comfort.
  2. Absorbency higher than the GOO.N regular series enables longer use.
  3. Our ultra-dry embossed top sheet ensures a dry surface, as it directs moisture away from your baby's bottom. This feature also limits / prevents leaks from the diaper back towards baby skin.
  4. Our structure incorporates a soft, fluffy, vitamin E infused texture, and a unique 3D shape, to reduce direct skin contact and avoid irritation.

Ultra-dry embossed sheet

3D shape texture & Vitamin E

Wetness indicator

Breathable backing


GOO.N Premium Diapers Size Chart

Diaper Size






Baby's Weight

Up to 11lb
(Up to 5kg)

9 - 18lb
(4 - 8kg)

13 - 24lb
(6 - 11kg)

20 - 31lb
(9 - 14kg)

27 - 44lb
(12 - 20kg)


Authorized Online Retailers

Authorized Local Stores

Note: All individual local retailers may not carry the entire line of GOO.N products. Please contact stores to check their stock for the items you require. 

GOO.N Diapers & Pants are available at the following stores:

Mitsuwa Marketplace



• Marina #9: Always on sale!


99 Ranch Market

Koreatown Plaza

galleria MARKET


GOO.N Premium Diapers are available at the following stores:

Mitsuwa Marketplace

• Available only at Mitsuwa San Jose store

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