GOO.N Super Big Diapers

Category: Diapers

Type: Tape-strap

Key Features

Super-sized baby diaper suitable for toddlers and up.

  1. Powerful absorption: This diaper can absorb two to three times as much urine compared to the standard 120ml amount of basic diapers.
  2. Waist shirring and gathers around legs prevent leakages.
  3. Breathable backing
  4. Deodorizing effect

Powerful absorption

Waist shirring

Breathable backing

Deodorizing effect


GOO.N Super Big Diapers

Diaper Size

Super Big Diaper

Baby's Weight

33 - 77 lb
(15 - 35 kg)

Authorized Online Retailers

Authorized Local Stores

Note: All individual local retailers may not carry the entire line of GOO.N products. Please contact stores to check their stock for the items you require. 

GOO.N Diapers & Pants are available at the following stores:

Mitsuwa Marketplace



• Marina #9: Always on sale!


99 Ranch Market

Koreatown Plaza

galleria MARKET


GOO.N Premium Diapers are available at the following stores:

Mitsuwa Marketplace

• Available only at Mitsuwa San Jose store

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