GOO.N Swimming Pants

Available Sizes

Category: Diapers

Type: Slip-on

Key Features

Designed for swimming and water activities

  1. GOO.N Swimming Pants are diapers made for a snug fit, even in the pool. Developed purely for swimming, these diapers do not swell, and allow your baby to move freely in water.
  2. Cute designs make swimming pants more fun to wear!

Please be advised:
• This diaper is specifically designed for water use. Therefore, this product does not contain the same absorptive polymers required to function as a regular diaper.
• Not a reusable product.

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GOO.N Swimming Pants

Diaper Size




Baby's Weight

15 - 27 lb
(7 - 12 kg)

20 - 31 lb
(9 - 14 kg)

27 - 44 lb
(12 - 20 kg)

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Note: All individual local retailers may not carry the entire line of GOO.N products. Please contact stores to check their stock for the items you require. 

GOO.N Diapers & Pants are available at the following stores:

Mitsuwa Marketplace



• Marina #9:
Always on sale!


99 Ranch Market

Koreatown Plaza

galleria MARKET


GOO.N Premium Diapers are available at the following stores:

Mitsuwa Marketplace

• Available only at Mitsuwa San Jose store

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