What is the difference between swimming pants and diapers?

What is the difference between swimming pants and diapers?

There are many types of diapers with functions and features intended for specific purposes. Where the most important feature of everyday diapers is to act as an absorbent, “swimming pants” are engineered with the primary goal of preventing urine and stool from escaping the diaper.

“Swimming pants” do not have absorbency equivalent to everyday diapers. (You can imagine what would happen if a diaper absorbed pool water.) Instead, swimming pants have an enhanced ability to contain urine and stool within them. This ability takes advantage of the technology for making gathers combined with technical expertise used to produce everyday diapers.

Note: “Swimming pants” work best when they are the correct size. For your best experience, please check and change “swimming pants” regularly.

“Swimming pants” function as high-performance active diapers, for times when your child is playing in the pool. With regular diapers, if water enters through gaps between the diaper and your baby's belly or legs, your child may not realize the urge to urinate in time.

In unexpected situations, “swimming pants” provide added security, and help prevent urine or stool from escaping into the pool. They also shield your child when exiting the pool. In public spaces, the shared benefit of “swimming pants” also demonstrates your consideration for the health and safety of others so that everyone can enjoy swim time.