GOO.N - A Japanese Diaper Brand

GOO.N - A Japanese Diaper Brand - SOFT + DRY = LOVE

The Meaning of “GOO.N”

The name GOO.N comes from ぐんぐん (gun-gun). This Japanese phrase refers to a baby’s steady growth. The GOO.N brand name reflects our desire for all babies to keep growing.

A Message from GOO.N

You still seem so tiny.

As babies grow, Goo.n keeps them safe and dry with the softness of a mother's touch. From newborns to toddlers, rest assured, your baby will grow in comfort with Goo.n diapers. Designed to keep your baby's skin soft and dry, Goo.n products protect your little ones as they grow. Goo.n philosophy is to provide parents the confidence and security that Goo.n has their children covered. It's simple. Parents know Goo.n has your back, when we cover your baby's bottom. "Sara Sara", the comfort of soft, smooth dryness caressing baby skin, is at the heart of Goo.n brand. You choose Goo.n because you love your babies so much.

“Proof that you are loved.”


GOO.N won “Mothers Selection Awards 2012“ in Japan