GOO.N Plus+ Diaper

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Category: Diapers

Type: Tape-strap

GOO.N Plus+ Diaper Key Features

GOO.N Plus+ is a diaper designed for sensitive skin that prevents irritation and does not dry the baby's skin.

About 90% of moms have reported concerns about their baby's skin. With the aim of creating disposable diapers that moms can use with peace of mind, DAIO Paper has developed GOO.N Plus+, which alleviates skin irritation and dryness.

  1. Moisturizer
    The surface sheet that touches the skin is made of the same material as an Elleair Luxury Facial Tissue with Moisturizer, which contains a moisturizing lotion.
  2. Smooth texture
    The surface is gentle on the baby's skin with a minimum amount of friction.
  3. Quick absorption of loose poop
    The perforated absorption sheet quickly sucks up loose poop and prevents poop from sticking.

A baby's skin is very sensitive

A baby's skin is about half as thin as an adult's and contains less water and sebum. Therefore, it is vulnerable to irritation and becomes dry easily. Alleviating irritation and dryness is important for preventing skin problems, such as a rash. The surface of the skin can easily become damaged by the irritation caused by pee and poop or by rubbing against the diaper.

Perforated Absorbent Sheet

Newborns and other unweaned babies consume only milk, so their poop is very loose. In addition, babies are more likely to have diarrhea due to their immature digestive system. Loose poop that contains a lot of water is highly irritating. Moreover, it is more harmful to the skin than drier poop. Goon Plus+ uses a perforated absorption sheet that quickly sucks up loose poop, preventing it from sticking to or irritating the skin.


Quickly removes moisture

Does not leak at the back

Fluffy and comfortable fit

Wetness indicator

GOO.N Plus+ Diapers Size Chart

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Baby's Weight

Up to 11lb
(Up to 5kg)

9 - 18lb
(4 - 8kg)

13 - 24lb
(6 - 11kg)

20 - 31lb
(9 - 14kg)

27 - 44lb
(12 - 20kg)