Child’s first the New Year away from home. How to make it comfortable and fun?

Child’s first the New Year away from home. How to make it comfortable and fun?

Your child has grown up a little so why not celebrate New Year away from home, at a party? Please read our article to learn how to celebrate this wonderful holiday with pleasure and comfort for your child.

Should you be afraid?

A lot of parents think that celebrating the New Year in surroundings unfamiliar to their child is a cause for concern and even fear. Will the child be able to get used to a new place? What if they feel uncomfortable or unaccustomed?

Take a deep breath then exhale and stop worrying! It is all right to celebrate the New Year away from home. The main thing is for the child to feel comfortable and interested and for them to be surrounded by dear loving people.

Pre-New Year disease prevention

For one thing, a real holiday can only happen when everybody is healthy. Not to cast a gloom over a visit due to cold or the flu, first, take steps for the child to prevent such diseases. Protective means for nasal mucous membrane and medicines for immune system reinforcement will help you.


Creating a feeling of feast

A fairytale which a child believes in is the main thing in the New Year holiday. And it does not matter if they find themselves there at home or visiting. Every child waits that in the morning after a sleep they will come to the New Year’s tree and find presents from Father Frost there which they wanted for so long. You can help to fulfill their wishes. And to hasten the feeling of feast and magic, you can make a convenient and fancy costume of a hero they like. Please note that clothes should be made of natural fabrics for the child to feel free wearing them.


Child’s character matters

Child’s age and character matter when celebrating the New Year at a party. Remember that children need a company of other children of their age with whom it will be interesting to spend time.

A shy child will naturally need more time to get used to new surroundings. Therefore, it is important for your child to know your friends with their children.


Planning all activities in advance

Another important thing in celebrating the New Year with your children is entertainment for kids. You should plan them in advance. What should they be like? You can choose any but they should be interesting for children because they believe in miracles like nobody else. When is this miracle as close to as ever? Of course, in the New Year!


Menu for children

It is impossible not to leave out one more matter – holiday menu for children. It should have light dishes for children, tasty and healthy sandwiches, fruit, biscuits, healthy sweets like dried fruit or candied fruit made of natural fruit juice.

You should pay special attention to drinks because children need to drink a lot. This is especially important during active celebration or children’s games and entertainment. Compote, natural juices, fruit drinks, decoction, for example, dog rose decoction which is especially good for immunity in winter.


Special day regimen during the New Year holiday

The holiday is great but does not forget about the regimen your child has got used to. Therefore it is better to shift the New Year celebration to the early evening.

After lots of vivid impressions and emotions, a child will need time to calm down and fall asleep. Therefore, sleep time may be moved a little but do not shift usual bedtime for more than an hour. When you put your child to bed, you can continue celebrating among adults.

Remember that the New Year for a child is, first of all, a nice atmosphere, good mood, care, and love of relatives.

Have great New Year holidays with relatives and friends!

Irina Ilyina,

Pediatrician and perinatal psychologist