Children and Pets

Children and Pets

To get or not to get a pet - that is the question. The answer is to get! Because a pet can build a small but very important part of your baby's character.

What does the intercourse with a pet give your baby?


1. It teaches them to be attentive, tender, careful, and cautious.

Even the most patient cats and dogs can show if they don't like something. This is what teaches the baby to be careful, understand the cause and effect relationships and responsibility for his or her actions: if you pull a cat's tail, get ready for scratches. 


2. Variety of games.

Children like funny games with dogs or cats, watch different animals. Parents can have some free time and baby can expand his or her communication experience.


3. It boosts the baby's immunity.

Daily walks with a dog twice a day are very good for the baby's immunity even if he or she is sleeping in a pram at this time.


4. Various sensory experiences.

A baby likes to stroke a pet, touch its fur, get new tactile sensations.


5. It teaches care and responsibility.

Introduce the baby to the care: to feed, walk the pet, add litter to the pet's box. The help should certainly be appropriate to the age.


6. It enhances the stress resistance.

According to a number of studies, children that have pets are more sociable, stress-resistant and it is easier for them to express their emotions.

And finally. If you want your baby to feel dry and comfortable when he or she plays with the pet, use GOO.N pull-up diapers.