Self-care During the Pregnancy

Self-care During the Pregnancy

Most of women cannot imagine their life without cosmetic procedures. Some of them prefer home care and others adore visiting beauty salons.

During the pregnancy, each woman has a question what procedures she can continue and what procedures she should abandon.


The risk of a negative impact on a fetus is high during the first trimester that is why it would be better to abandon all procedures, where dangerous substances are used, any interventions, which influence on the pregnancy and fetus is understudied, are prohibited too.


Fortunately, there is no any information about its harm and you should not abandon the makeup. You should remember that the skin becomes more sensitive and allergy-predisposed that is why you should pay attention to the cosmetics quality and its period of validity.


It would be better to choose special care products for pregnant women, because they are held to a higher quality and safety standards, they contain less fragrance components. It is important because the dermal absorption is higher, and cream components can enter a woman body and in small quantity can enter a fetus. In addition, throughout the pregnancy, the skin can change its type and become greasier or drier and you should choose the cosmetics suitable for the skin type you have now.


A myth exists that during the pregnancy you should not have your hair cut, but it is just a superstition, like that it is prohibited to knit during the pregnancy to prevent knots on the umbilical cord. However, speaking about hair coloring there are some restrictions here. First, most of the hair colors contain ammonia, which is toxic, that is why it is better to choose ammonia free colors - they are less long-lasting but more safety. Second, during the pregnancy, the hair structure is changed, caused by the hormonal changes and you can get another result even using one color.


There are no restrictions on using perfumery, but you can have some problems because of body sensibility. The scents, you used to like, now can provoke nausea and strong scents can provoke even a headache. According to this reason, it is not recommended using essential oils.


You can do all types of manicure and pedicure – machine manicure, manicure with cuticles trimmed (if all measures of tools care are observed), European manicure (manicure with cuticles pushed back). To reduce the impact of the nail colors fumes and other nail polishes you should choose a beauty salon with a good ventilation. Remember that during the pregnancy, nails condition also changes as skin and hair condition. That is why nail polishes can become less long-lasting


The best way to remove hair on your body during the pregnancy is a razor. Depilation creams can provoke allergy (even if you did not have it before), toxic components can enter your body and if you use them regularly, they can have a negative impact on the fetus. Laser epilation and electrolysis hair removal are understudied. It is considered that these types of epilation can lead to a high muscle tone including uttering tonus. It raises the risk of the misbirth. Waxing and sugaring are safety, but if you did it before the pregnancy and the sensation of pain declined.


During the pregnancy, the solarium is prohibited. First, the risk of the skin cancer raises. Second, pigmented spots can appear and it is practically impossible to remove them.

If you have decided to visit a beauty salon, you should say that you are pregnant and consultants will offer you suitable procedures. Surely they will refuse to undertake many procedures, because of their impact on the fetus is understudied, but they will choose gentle care procedures.