Is the absorbent polymer in GOO.N diapers safe?

Is the absorbent polymer in GOO.N diapers safe?

Absorbent Polymer Safety

The key ingredient of the absorbent polymer is polyacrylate, an odorless powder used throughout the GOO.N series. The polyacylate makes our absorbent polymer pull in about 40 times its own weight in liquid. Moreover, once liquid is absorbed, even pressure applied from the outside will result in very little liquid being expelled.

Polyacrylate is a strong liquid retainer, and it’s safe even when it touches the skin. Skin irritation and mucosal irritation tests have proven that polyacrylate does not affect the skin or mucosa. If any adheres to the skin, simply wash it off with cold or lukewarm water.

The absorbent polymer used in GOO.N diapers keep your baby’s bottom dry and smooth. Yes, it is safe.