Lesson #02 – How to change Tape-strap diapers

Lesson #02 – How to change Tape-strap diapers

Many parents use tape-strap (open-type) diapers for their baby at the newborn, crawling and standing-up stages. The stool of newborn babies’ is loose and easily leaks from their diapers. Let’s learn how to change (put on) a diaper properly so that urine and loose stool do not leak out.

A good way to change a diaper

Prepare a diaper

Diapers come flattened in their package. First, spread the diaper out fully and stand the standing gathers around the leg openings.
In addition to a new diaper, prepare wipes and a plastic bag for disposal of the dirty diaper. Diaper changing will go smoothly if everything you need is all kept in one place, such as a basket.

Lay your baby down

Lay your baby down on its back. It is better to put a towel, diaper-changing sheet or something else that you don’t mind getting dirty under your baby.

Change the diaper

● 3-1

Release the tape fasteners of the dirty diaper. After cleaning your baby’s body with wipes, remove the dirty diaper.
With the new diaper fully spread out, gently lift up both your baby’s legs and place the diaper under your baby so that the edge comes under your baby’s waist.

● 3-2

Hold the belly side of the diaper and cover your baby’s belly with the diaper with the standing gathers stretched. Be careful not to leave space around your baby’s legs.
After covering your baby’s belly, stretch the right and left sides of the belly part of the diaper to cover up your baby’s belly.

● 3-3

Fix the right and left tape fasteners by holding the belly part of the diaper with one hand and lightly pulling the tape with the other hand.
Check if you can insert one finger between your baby’s waist and the diaper. If you can put two or more fingers in, you will have leakage. In this case, adjust the position of the tape fasteners.

● 3-4

Run your finger around the standing gathers of the leg openings and check that the frills are all coming out and that the inside standing gathers are actually standing. Pull the diaper up and check the overall shape of the diaper. The diaper change is now done.

Talk to your baby and enjoy changing diapers

It is important to change your baby’s diaper to ensure your baby feels comfortable.
When performing a diaper change, make it a habit to talk to your baby. “Let’s change your diaper.” “Why don’t we clean your bottom?” Your baby will then experience diaper changing as a time for enjoying good physical contact with you.

*The diapers shown in the photos are GOO.N products sold in Japan. The design may differ for the U.S. market.