Lesson #06 – When to switch to slip-on (pull-up) type diapers

Lesson #06 – When to switch to slip-on (pull-up) type diapers

“When should I switch from tape-type diapers to slip-on type diapers?”
Confused moms often ask this question. While there is no specific standard in terms of months, why not try a slip-on diaper when your baby has started to move around a lot and you need more time than before to do a diaper change?

Many moms switch to slip-on type diapers when their baby starts crawling

Rolling over, crawling, standing up, etc.—the more your baby grows and becomes able to move around, the more time it will take you to change a diaper, something that used to be an easy task when your baby was just sleeping.

When you feel that it has become difficult to get a diaper lined up with your squirming baby’s bottom and to fasten the tapes firmly, it may be time to switch from Tape-strap diapers to Slip-on type diapers. Many experienced moms say, “I switched to slip-on when my baby started crawling.”

A slip-on diaper has stretchy standing gathers on the waistband and on the right and left sides, which makes it easy for you to put it on your squirming baby. It fits your baby well without squeezing your baby’s waist and bottom. Also, you do not have to worry about urine and stool leaking.


Slip-on type diapers come in sizes starting from S and tape-strap diapers come in sizes up to XL

Some moms wish to switch to slip-on diapers because their baby has started to move a lot but are worried that their baby is still too small. If you are one of them, please don’t worry. Since GOO.N’s “Slip-on type Ultra dry” series comes in sizes from S (with the applicable weight range of 9-20 lbs. or 4-9 kg), even a small baby can switch to slip-on at an early stage.

There are moms who feel that the open type is easier to use than the slip-on type. Some moms love to use the open type because it can be changed without completely taking off their baby’s leggings, tights or pants. Since GOO.N’s “Ultra dry” series comes in sizes up to XL, you can use them until your baby gets big enough not to need a diaper.


You need not feel pressured to switch from tape-strap diapers to slip-ons. Please choose the type of diaper that keeps your baby feeling comfortable and is easy for you to change without stress.