Lesson #05 – How to dispose of diapers

Lesson #05 – How to dispose of diapers

Diaper changes produce dirty diapers. Since diapers are changed many times a day, dirty diapers can accumulate, giving off a bad smell. How do parents dispose of diapers? Let’s learn how to dispose of dirty diapers and how to deal with the smell.

How to dispose of diapers


In the case of an open-type diaper, roll up the diaper from the belly side so that the dirty part is inside the roll and secure the roll with the tape fasteners on the right and left sides.
In the case of a pull-up-type diaper, roll up the diaper with the back side (to which tape is attached) facing downward, pull out the tape on the back side, and wrap the tape around the rolled-up diaper to hold it.


Flush stool in a diaper down the toilet before disposing of the diaper.
In the case of soft stool or other cases where stool has stuck to a diaper and cannot be removed, roll up the diaper so that the dirty part stays inside the roll and secure the roll with the tape.


How to deal with the smell

Used diapers give off a bad smell. At home, it is better to have a trash can just for diapers. If the bad smell still annoys you even when the diapers have been thrown into the trash can, you may be able to mitigate the bad smell by wrapping the diapers in a plastic bag or a piece of newspaper before disposal.


What do other moms do?

Q. What do you do to dispose of diapers at home and especially to deal with the smell?

* The above comments were posted on a community for pre-moms & moms called “GOO.N MOM Community.”


How to dispose of diapers when you are outside

Some baby rooms in department stores and commercial facilities have a trash can for used diapers. Dispose of diapers at places so designated by each facility. When you have changed your baby’s diaper at a place without a trash can for diapers, it is considered good manners to take the used diapers home. If you are worried about the smell getting into your bag, take plastic bags that control smell or an odor-eliminating pouch with you.


*The diapers shown in the photos are GOO.N products sold in Japan. The design may differ for the U.S. market.