Lesson #03 – How to change a slip-on (pull-up-type) diaper

Lesson #03 – How to change a slip-on (pull-up-type) diaper

Slip-on (Pull-up-type) diapers can be changed easily by simply putting them on the baby just like underpants. Still, since babies at this stage have become able to move around, it is important to change the diaper quickly and correctly.
Let’s learn how to change (put on) a diaper quickly and correctly even as your baby is thrashing its arms and legs about.

A good way to change a diaper

Prepare a diaper

Take out a new diaper. Put your hand into the diaper to spread it right out and stand the standing gathers around the leg openings. In addition to a new diaper, prepare wipes and a plastic bag for disposal of the dirty diaper. Diaper changing will go smoothly if everything you need is all kept in one place, such as a basket.

Lay your baby down or have it stand firm

If you are going to change the diaper while your baby is lying down, lay your baby down on its back. If your baby can stand firm, you can change the diaper while she/he is standing. In this case, have your baby hold onto your body, or be sure to change the diaper somewhere where your baby can stand by holding on to something.
In either case, it is better to put a towel, diaper-changing sheet or something else that you don’t mind getting dirty under your baby.

Change the diaper

● 3-1

Remove the dirty diaper by pulling it down directly or tearing at the joint lines on the right and left sides of the diaper. (The joint lines can be easily torn upward or downward.) Clean your baby’s body with wipes.

● 3-2

Put your hands into the leg openings to widen the waistband and pass your baby’s legs through the waistband to the leg openings.

● 3-3

Whether your baby is lying down or standing up, pass your baby’s legs through the leg openings one by one.

Note: The side with tape is the bottom.

● 3-4

Hold the waistband and pull it up until your baby’s navel is covered.

● 3-5

Check if the standing gathers around the leg openings are actually standing and check the overall shape of the diaper. The diaper change is now done.

Parents of a baby boy have to be careful about the direction of his penis!

In the case of a baby boy, his penis may be pointing upward when you put a pull-up-type diaper on him. This will cause urine to leak from around his belly.
After putting the diaper on him, check inside to see if his penis is pointed downward.

*The diapers shown in the photos are GOO.N products sold in Japan. The design may differ for the U.S. market.